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  • Your New Business Opportunity

  • Business basics:-

    Outstanding legal training and support for people who want to start their own business full or part time in the Will Writing and Estate Planning Industry, working from home.

    This is a massive growth area unaffected by this or any other “recession”.

    Law Society statistics state that approximately 74% of the UK adult population have done nothing about preparing their affairs for later life.

    To get a “feel” for how massive this market is, just consider the towns and villages in and around where you live – almost ¾ of the families living there will, at some point, need to talk to someone who has been trained in this field, to help them to put their affairs in order - that someone could be you as a fully trained Legal Consultant with Abbey Legal.

  • Your New Business Opportunity includes:-

    A two day Training Programme (residential optional at no additional cost).

    On completion of training you will be fully qualified to begin your business and generate income.

    Residual (unearned) Income.

    Where clients request that you place their Wills into storage for safe- keeping and / or ask you to arrange Probate, you generate further income over the long term, year upon year, building value in your business should you choose to retire and / or sell your business on.

    Your unique reference number.

    This ensures that any enquiries received by the company with your reference number are referred to you and only you.

    Your business stationery and promotional literature.

    You will receive a supply of your own branded stationery (business cards, letterheads, compliment slips and promotional leaflets promoting your new business and featuring your unique reference number).

    Telephone and internet mentor support.

    If you or your clients have any queries our telephone hotline is there to guide you as they occur.

    Protected Territory.

    You will have the safeguard of knowing you will be the only Abbey Legal Consultant throughout your designated territory.

    Pre-Prepared step-by-step client instruction forms.

    All of your clients' requirements can be drawn up within this one simple document.

    All aspects of your clients' documents completed by our legal team.

    Local media advertisement (optional at cost).

    You may wish to promote your new business by placing an article in your local newspaper. We can provide copy and graphics should you need them.

    Your own web page.

    This will feature the full range of Abbey Legal products and services together with your points of contact and unique I.D. as reference.

    Internet promotion (optional).

    You may wish to take advantage of the many promotional opportunities available via the internet. We can provide copy and graphics if you need them.

    6000 leaflet distribution in territory / postcodes specified by you.

    Following your direction we will commission the delivery of 6000 promotional leaflets to give your business a flying start.

    This new business opportunity can be yours for £2795.00 - no hidden costs, just £2795.00.

    You really would be ignoring possibly the best business offer available right now if you let this pass you by.

  • If You Feel This is The Opportunity You have Been Searching For Please

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    Training places will be limited and applying does not guarantee your selection for training
  • Abbey (Legal) Training

    Have you been searching the net for the perfect new career you will probably have a list of criteria that the "perfect" career would offer you.

    Such benefits as;

    • You choose to work part-time / full time

    • A business with an affordable start-up fee

    • The potential to recoup your investment in the first month

    • Estate Planning training

    • Work from home

    • White collar and professional

    • Ethical

    • Locally based

    • Profitable and instant payment direct to you

    • No expensive stock to buy and store

    • First class initial and ongoing training

    • All of your clients documents produced by legal professionals

    • Advice and guidance always readily available

    • The balance of work and pleasure you and your family have always wanted

    • Domestic and commercial clients

    • Average profit in excess of £340.00 per client (wills / trusts etc.)

    • 2 day residential training

    • Personalised business stationery and promotional literature

Abbey Legal Training